Friday, June 26, 2015

Maisie-isms #2

Maisie cracks us up every day. If it's not what she's saying it's how she says it, but lucky for us, she says funny things all the time. I don't think we will ever be short on material that's for sure! So here's a new batch of Maisie-isms to remember:

Maisie's lullaby to Ellie:
God loves me,
God loves you.
Hollywood, Idaho, French, Oregon.
He loves everyone.

While in Primary in church:
Teacher: what does batman do?
All the kids yelling: flies!
Maisie raises her hand reverently and when she's called on replies: he glides.
All the teachers were impressed and so one of them asked: wow, how did you know that Maisie?
Maisie: my mom told me.
That's right baby! haha

Playing Doctor Maisie & Ellie.
Maisie: ok you need a heart transplant. take these pills so you can go to sleep.
 (she then lifts up my shirt exposing my stomach and proceeds to to create a long incision the width of my belly.)
Me: (whispering because I am supposed to be sleeping) Maisie my heart is up here.
Maisie: (whispering back with squinty disapproving eyes because I am not supposed to be talking) I know, but that's where your boobs* are and you need privacy.
Also, through the duration of my extensive surgery Ellie kept trying to climb on me and Maisie kept saying "Doctor Ellie, don't climb on the patient!"
*we mostly refer to them as breasts or just chest, but it caught me off guard that she said boobs and was so nonchalant about it and that's what made it so funny. 

We put a red lightbulb in a lamp in our room when Ellie was in there in case of night time diaper changes or when we needed to find something (pluggie) because it provides enough light to see, but doesn't wake you up like a normal lightbulb would. It's a lot softer. Anyway, Maisie would always say it looked like blood. She wasn't creeped out because Maisie likes anything and all things creepy, but one day as she turned the light on she turned to Austin and I while we were laying down and she said:
"I'm dying to see you."

Teaching her how to count to ten in German.
For neun (nine) she would say "annoying' so it sounded a little something like this... sieben, (seven) acht, (eight) annoying (neun/nine), zehn (ten). The first time she really thought we said annoying instead of neun, but subsequent times she did it just to make us laugh.

Maisie: I just have a question for you mama.
Me: Yes?
Maisie: What's romance?
Me: Well, it's love. A romantic story is about love or about falling in love.
Maisie: So the story of you and daddy getting married is romantic?
Maisie: Is it also romantic when you are in a love boat?

I made corn on the cob and Maisie wanted the corn holders so she wouldn't get her fingers buttery but she couldn't remember or didn't know what to call them so she asked:
"Do we have any corn stabilizers?"

Watching The Phantom of the Opera (Maisie is obsessed!) and when the phantom sings "in all your fantasies" from the song Phantom of the Opera Maisie exclamied:
"Fantasies?! That's phantom talk!"

Ellie @ 10 months

This post is a few days late due to our Vacation to Arizona, so here it is now while she's technically 11 months now (what!?) these pictures and happenings are from her 10 month old days.

Ellie is showing us more and more who she really is. I feel like this month especially. She's as sweet and mellow as ever, but theres some sass deep down inside. And boy, is she an adventurous little one. Austin and I were talking while the girls were playing with some friends in the backyard, I can't remember how it got brought about, but I said something like "Ellie is such a watcher". Austin then disagreed. I was wrong because Ellie is a doer if there ever was one. She's brave and not afraid to fall and get dirty. Maisie was always so cautious and while she's a ham, it took a lot to push her to come out of her shell to try new things, mostly physically (learning to walk, climb, jump). Maisie would get on a stage and sing her heart out without hesitation, but climbing up stairs or getting down from a high spot? No way... at least not until recently. So it's so funny to see that there spiritedness is so different. 

Maisie: high energy, social butterfly, performer, cautious and hilarious.
Ellie: mellow, go with the flow, quiet, adventurous and brave. 

They are complimentary to each other and it makes me so excited seeing how they will help shape each other and become better because of it.

Anyway, back to Ellie can you believe she's going to be ONE in less than a month!?

The kitchen, but more specifically the dishwasher or water dispenser:

Pointing at things.

Trying to put her fingers in our mouths. She especially loves doing it to Maisie because Maisie will actually open her mouth for her. She even tries to forcibly stick her finger in my mouth when I'm nursing her, which makes me laugh and so she wins.

Food... finally! yayyyyyy! She will pretty much eat anything we give her now, she mostly likes real food I.E whatever we are eating, but she has also come around to purees. Mostly fruit mixes, but hey I'll take it!

Hiding in the bathroom and trying to climb into the tub, she tries to hoist her little leg over the side, but she's still too short. I can't tell you how many times we have found her like this:

Music of any sort, she loves to enthusiastically bounce up and down, shake her head and stomp her little feet.

Exploring outside the more dirt, sticks and leaves the better she likes it:

Dogs- Maisie even at this age, was terrified of dogs. 

Where there are dogs there is a water dish and where there is a water dish, there is Ellie.

Being held. She still likes to cuddle a lot which I am totally fine with :)

Swimming. She loves being in the water, trying to drink the water and float around in her floaty. If Maisie or her cousins push her around the pool the better:

Birds of any sort, but especially the pigeons that have decided to make their home in the rafters above our porch and deck. If only we liked them as much as she does, but we don't... so they are about to meet their demise if they don't choose to relocate soon. 

Sitting in the stroller without being in her carseat:

hot cars

More than 2 minutes of wrestling with Maisie.

Diaper changes (still).

Too many hugs, kisses, back pats from Maisie. Ellie is pretty vocal when she's not in the mood for playing, but Maisie is persistent so this leads to Ellie screaming dramatically until someone rescues her or she manages to escape her big sister's grasp.

First trip to Arizona where she finally met her Nana and Papa (my parents) hence all the swimming and how we discovered that she likes dogs and hates getting into ovens hot cars.

Loves the song "the wheels on the bus" but the wiper part is her favorite, she happily swishes her arms and shakes her head. She also does the arm movement and head shake if we say "P U" as in she has a stinky diaper, but she scrunches her nose and squints her eyes. It's really cute.

She's calmed down on her walking a lot, I was convinced that she was going to be full on walking soon, but I think she realizes that she gets around a lot faster by crawling because she will start taking a few steps and then will purposely fall and crawl to her desired destination.

Falling asleep on us. She will just crawl over and lay in our laps and fall asleep. Even with maisie running around or with the tv on. It's pretty surprising and its making me wonder if its contributed by the following:
The warmer weather and our lack of ac? It does get toasty.
That I am failing to see her tired cues? Probably.
She prefers to cuddle over being alone in her crib? I mean, who can blame her for that one?
Regardless, I love it. Maisie was always so particular where she slept and couldnt have any distractions because she always wanted to be apart of the action. Ellie showed early signs of this too, mainly because Maisie would make her excited to play, but I think the novelty of it is starting to wear... or it could be that Maisie really likes forcing Ellie to wear something, go somewhere or wrestle past her limit... sooo maybe Ellie is sleeping on me for refuge. haha

Asleep on Daddy:

Asleep on Mommy:

More sleeping pictures because who doesn't love a sleeping babe?

sleeping at Nana & Papa's:

sleeping at the hotel:

We all just love Ellie to pieces. She's our little buggy, bah-bah (Maisie has called her that since we first brought her home from the hospital) and muffin. We're so glad she is apart of our family.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

First Steps

Well it starts...

On Friday (the twenty-ninth) I was helping Maisie with cleaning up the girl's room when I was busy putting books away on the bookshelf. Ellie was cruising along the outside of her crib, happy as can be. After a few minutes of going back and forth along her crib, she came to the edge where I was only a foot or two away and she let go (she's been standing for short periods of time for about a week or so now) and I looked at her contemplating if she should step forward. In my head I thought "no way will she do it" but she boldly placed one foot in front of the other and then while attempting to place the other foot, fell into my arms. I couldn't believe it. My TEN month old (who face it, looks like a five or six month old) took her first steps! I know each kid goes at their own pace, but I always assumed Ellie would kind of follow Maisie's timeline. That couldn't be further from the truth though, but for some odd reason I am still surprised when Ellie does things differently than what her big sister had. For example, Maisie wasn't pulling her self up on things until around ten months and didn't take her first steps until she was fourteen months old, but Maisie was already a lot more chatty by this age.  

When Austin came home from work, we sat a few feet away from each other while Ellie practiced her new moves. Within a few minutes she was up to four steps while we all cheered her on. We are all so proud of her and can't wait to see where her sweet and mellow, yet adventurous spirit takes her.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Uno & Other Games

A few months ago we taught Maisie how to play the card game "Uno". She picked it up fast and really enjoys playing it. For a few weeks we couldn't go a day without playing a round or two (or six who am I kidding) before bed. One night after Maisie was already in bed and asleep, I snuck into her room to make sure she was tucked in nicely and to give her a kiss before I went to bed. She stirred for a second, shifting her head on her pillow, but still sound asleep. As I turned to walk out of the room Maisie in a groggy voice yelled "uno!" she must have been dreaming she was playing and was down to her final card. I covered my mouth to stifle my giggles and quickly left the room. The next morning Maisie and I had a good laugh talking about it. All day maisie would pretend she was sleeping and yell "uno!"

Teaching her how to play "Uno" has opened the doors to other fun games that Austin and I actually enjoy playing. I mean no offense to kid games like "Don't Break the Ice", "Go Fish" and "Sneaky Snacky Squirrel", but really there's only so much one can take. I'd prefer a quick paced round or two of "Uno" or a game of "Sorry" any day. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015





Maisie was riding her scooter out front when she decided to take a break by laying down on the sidewalk (silly girl can get comfortable just about anywhere). Then she started to pretend  to "ride" her scooter. She asked me if looked like she was actually riding it and when I stood up to check I was so surprised that it did actually look like she was, in fact, riding her scooter. So I had to snap a few pictures. And I love these pictures, they represent her current stage of childhood so well. She's becoming much more physically adventurous and yet still being the creative and imaginative girl she has always been.

Big hero 6 Party










Maisie's dream Big Hero 6 Party was a success! With the help from my lovely cousin Kerrin, Maisie's party went smoothly. I was bummed that we weren't able to utilize our backyard with fun activities and decorations, but the weather had other plans (come on SE Idaho... what is up with all this rain!?). We had Maisie's favorite food (Jimmy John's) and other treats that went along with the characters.

Freds visable "invisable" sandwiches.
Hiro's kung fu gummy bears
Baymax's healthcare chips.
GoGo's lemon cookie magnetic suspension discs
Wasabi ranch w/veggies

For favors we made movie watching treats, kettle corn with chocolate covered raisins, m&ms and mini marshmallow Baymax heads.

The main event was our robot fighting activity which turned out to me 100x more successful than I could have ever imagined. The room shook with laughter and screams as the mirco bristle bots buzzed around. We had intentions of making each kid one to take home, but we were only able to complete a few prior to the party. It actually turned out better because it would have been pure chaos with 10 robots running around.

Maisie was a lucky girl and got all of her items she asked for this year. Her picks this year... a Baymax stuffed animal from me and Austin, a sleeping bag from Grandma and Grandpa, a scooter from Nana and Papa,  roller skates from cousin Kerrin and Salt Water sandals and a yellow dress from Auntie Katie.

It was a really fun day. I am sad and yet relived it's over. Maisie is already talking about next years party... oh boy!