Thursday, November 5, 2015

Ellie actually has teeth!

So the day has come! Finally, at just a few days shy of 15 and a half months old, little Ellie has cut her first tooth- her top right to be exact and following closely are about 7 others! Poor girl.

I am just relieved that she actually has teeth. I was getting a bit worried that maybe she would be forever toothless, but here they are! A little late, but here regardless.

P.s I found it surprising just how much stuff Ellie could eat being without teeth. Just about everything we ate she did too, not without special precautions, but still!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Eastern Idaho State Fair 2015


Post frog hopper.
Can you tell she wasn't a fan? Her face coming down will forever make me laugh.

Making friends on a kangaroo.




Mommy and Maisie conquer the carousel



I tried to take pictures of Ellie all day long, but she wasn't having any of that. So this about does it. haha

Finale ride!

This year's State fair adventures were really fun. Maisie hit all the rides, we ate yummy and terrible for you food (but those are the best kinds right?) and actually really enjoyed the comedian/stunt guy, Matt Baker. Maisie even got brought up on stage for some dancing and questions. One of the questions was "can you do an impression of when your mom is angry at you?" Maisie looked longingly at me in the audience and then looked at him and chose to say nothing. She's one smart girl! I totally thought she was going to throw me under the bus with a "Maisie Claire!" or "what were you thinking, child!?" haha! Austin took a video of the whole thing, so no pictures because I was on Ellie duty, but maybe I'll try to upload a clip of it, but don't go getting your hopes up about it because I'm a slacker. haha!

Until next year State fair!

p.s Two years of Eastern Idaho State fairs, look Ellie was just a newborn last year!

Ellie's mid-morning nap

I have mentioned this before, but Ellie is NOT a morning person. Even as a little baby, she would wake up fairly early and then within that hour (after breakfast and a diaper change) she was ready for her first nap. Waking up early every morning to walk Maisie to school has been taking a toll on little Ellie and even though she has been slowly transitioning to one afternoon nap a day, there are plenty of days where she can't make it that far... So instead of cleaning or doing the dishes, I get to enjoy this view instead:






No complaints here. :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Box Canyon Camping


Skeptically inflating our tent.

The babies of the families.


The view.


Tinfoil dinners and s'mores done right.


An intense round of Memory

Eating the chips the kids dropped in the dirt. Yummm

The weekend before Maisie started Kindergarten,we went camping with our good friends and their five kids. We decided that we would go for a more "real" camping experience and actually be further than 5 minutes from our houses. Sidenote: last year when we went camping we were literally a couple miles away from home, but I was 34 weeks pregnant, sooo yeah, better safe than sorry right? Anyway, we headed up to Island Park (about 45 minutes from Yellowstone) to find a camp site that could accommodate our large party. We ended up finding a nice spot in Box Canyon right above Henry's Fork river (world renowned for trout fishing and some of the best fly fishing in the states!) AKA hardcore bear territory-good thing we had bear spray! It turned out to be a great weekend to go because with all the forest fires plus wheat and hay harvest, the air where we live was thick with smoke and dust, so we got into the mountains just enough to get out of it. This trip we also decided to for-go our usual go-to camping food (hot dogs) and instead decided to do some tinfoil dinners and make use of some cast iron skillets and dutch ovens which was quite delicious. Breakfast turned out awesome too, we made pancakes and breakfast burritos. It turned out to be a really fun, albeit short, camping trip. Next year I want to camp at LEAST two nights. 

p.s don't trust an inflatable tent... ever! haha

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Oregon Part 6 - iPhone Photos

Gas station fill up and bathroom break. This is Ellie after a good nursing session and exploring the front seat of the car.

Rest stop castle!

Sleeping in the car- Ellie's much appreciated talent.

Cousin bath! Ellie looks so tan haha!

I love how big Idaho's sky is, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss trees towering above me.

Pictures Aunt Lori took of the cousin's of cousins playing together.
They started out dry, but it was only a matter of time before...
They were soaked. P.s Maisie and Maggie could be twins- the Lloyd blood runs strong in them.
If I fits... I sits.
Cousin sleepover. Maisie's first ever sleepover... Emerson's too.
Emerson pestering Maisie.

Austin bought that salsa and when we tried it, it was crazy spicy. When we looked on the packaging it wasn't labeled as hot or anything so we were confused. Until we spotted that tiny circle on the top right of the packaging that reads: "could be considered HOT". Yeah... "could be" is putting it lightly. It was HOT though.
I know she's not in a carseat, but we were only going down the street. She wanted to try out her new headphones. She was listening to the lullabye setting on my sound machine app, so it was hilarious when I looked behind me to see her like that. She's not asleep... just "very very relaxed" haha

Arnie the greatest cat who lived and the only one I am not allergic to.


Maisie's parting gifts to Grams and Gramps.
Another masterpiece

Pit stop going home. Beep beep!

Oregon Part 5 - EZ Orchards









This was our last day in town, so we had to squeeze in an EZ Orchards visit. It was nice and relaxing for us adults and good exercise for the girls because they were busy running around, finding/eating pinecones, exploring the plants and trees and playing with new friends. It was nice to get their wiggles out before our 12+ hour drive home the next day. It proved to work as planned because Ellie nearly slept the whole drive. She has some kind of super power where she can sleep for crazy long stretches of time on car trips. I won't complain- it's amazing! The last hour is generally rough because she finally decides she's done with the carseat and being in the car, but I know we are incredibly lucky. I can't tell you how many people have told us that their kids screamed almost the duration of their road trips. So an hour of fussiness? No big deal. We have yet to have a bad trip with either of our girls. Maisie is quite the trooper too, but the older she gets the more indifferent she becomes with long car rides... teenager much?

It was a nice little close to the trip.