Friday, October 24, 2014

3 months

Ellie is 3 months old today. It's unreal. I remember time passing rather quickly when Maisie was a baby, but this is just ridiculous! Tell me, does time seem to pass more swiftly with every additional child?

 Let me just get this out there so it can actually start to sink in...

Ellie. Is. Not. A. "Newborn". Any. More.

What!? I no longer have a newborn? Is this real life?!
To the second, 3 months ago I was beyond exhausted, in the hospital and proudly cuddling my sweet baby. And I was in love then, but boy, do I love her to pieces now. To a degree I am mourning the newborn stage, but as Austin says "this stage is so much better because we actually know Ellie and her personality" I suppose he's right, but I already miss those newborn flour sack snuggles.

But this? Yeah, I'll take this any day.

What's Ellie been up to?

The Basics:
Ellie is chubs. Thigh, arm and wrist rolls days.

She's fairly long- her 3 month footies are already almost too small for her.

Her hair- she still has it! Including the darling tuft of swirls on top.

Her eyes are now blue and almost identical to Maisie's true blue, but just a little darker.

chewing and sucking on her hand and fingers. This inevitably leads to lots of cute baby gags, but thankfully no spit up.

Scooting on her back by pushing her legs out.

Talking. Boy, does chattiness run in our genes.

I have never met such a gassy baby. Seriously, she's the queen of flatulence. I gave up dairy almost two months ago thinking she might have a sensitivity, but it seems unchanged. Her gas doesn't seem to bother her and we all, Maisie included, think it's pretty hilarious.

She can roll onto her side from her back, but then gets stuck.

daddy's whistle.

Being swaddled.

The swing we are borrowing from our friends.

Her pluggie (pacifier)

Mornings. Oh blissful mornings. Happy babes in mama and daddy's bed.

Diaper changes- she's all smiles when she gets her diaper changed.

the tv (even though we don't let her watch it, she sure does try.)

her schedule.

Baths especially if it includes lavender essential oil.

being in her "birthday suit".

This song from The many adventures of Winnie the pooh, Austin started singing it to her one day and she always smiles as we try to make her "exercise".

Chewing on her dragonfly teether.

Being sick. Little girl is just getting over her very first cold.

Waiting to be fed.

When Maisie screams "BOO!" really loudly. Which is more frequent than you'd think. Halloween is Maisie's favorite holiday after all.

Any long interruptions to her schedule, but we value flexibility around here, so sometimes we don't exactly stick to schedule.

Getting her neck cleaned out (yuck!)

Nasal aspirators. Enough said right?

Any oral medications or vitamins. Maisie LOVED any form of medicine (I mean it's usually sickly sweet so of course kids love it) but Ellie HATES it. I mean full on. If I do manage to get any in her mouth she will hoard it until she can let it dribble down her chin. And if by any extremely rare chance she swallows any, she will spit it up and she never spits up. Now that's stubborn. How am I supposed to give her the Vitamin D drops?!

Things to remember:
The way she shuffles her feet and does her excited smile (wide eyes, crinkled nose and mouth wide open) when she's about to be picked up.

When she's "talking" (it's more like squawks, squeals and some variegated babbling- but we like to pretend she's telling us stories) it inevitably ends with her complaining. Complete with serious eyebrows.

The way she watches Maisie. It's like she already thinks Maisie is the coolest thing ever. 

Her beautifully pathetic bottom lip when she's crying. She does the full on puppy dog pout and as sad as it is that she's upset, that little turned down lip just is so darn cute.

The way she's so comforted by simply holding her hand or placing a hand on her stomach.

The way she softly opens and closes her hands while she's eating. Or even better, the way she contently smiles after she's full.

Her profile. She has such delicate and teeny features, but they're combined with the most scrumptious cheeks that when I look at her sweet profile being held up by her tiny, but strong neck I just die. She's incredibly kissable people. I dare you not be tempted to smother her with kisses when you see her.

Whats with sleeping babies that make me melt? I mean to this day when I see Maisie sleeping I feel like my heart is about to burst and now I have double the heart melting moments. Nothing beats a baby who is so comfortable being in your arms that they fall asleep without any work from you. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ririe Pumpkin Patch






Last Saturday (the 11th) we went to a nearby pumpkin patch. It's hard to find real pumpkin patches around here. Most in our area are just a random field where some one dumped a whole bunch of already picked pumpkins and then calls it a"punkin patch". Oh yes, the signs and flyers really say "punkin patch". No thanks Idaho.

But, we did manage to find a legit family farm with a real pumpkin patch in Ririe. The patch was reasonably large, but it didn't offer any of the pumpkin patch fixings that we are spoiled with being from Oregon. No petting zoo (or any other farm type animal), no fresh pressed cider or fresh donuts, no mud (this could be a good thing I guess) and no other fun activities for the kids (or kids at heart). But, I am still happy we found a real patch and for that I am thankful.

p.s I went looking through the blog archive to find Maisie's first pumpkin patch and guess what? -we took her to her first pumpkin patch on October 11th, 2010 and then EXACTLY 4 years later we took Ellie to her first. I just thought that was pretty neat.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Big Springs



with the pluggie...

after I pulled the pluggie out. haha! So serious!

See the trout?


After Mesa Falls we traveled another 20 or so minutes to Big Springs near Island Park, to feed the wild trout. Unfortunately the fish were a little shy and so we were only able to see a handful of them rather than the normally large amount that frequent the area. Even though the fish didn't show up the place was beautiful! The water was crystal clear- plus it almost looked like clovers were growing under water (reference trout picture above).

I'm glad we were able to see so many different things in Idaho before the weather turns for the worse. Making friends with locals has really changed our outlook on Idaho. It truly is a beautiful place with so many things to see and even when we get homesick for our beloved Oregon, I am still happy that we live here right now.

Mesa Falls










Last week we joined our friends for a little trip to Mesa Falls. Between the two families there are 7 kids- 2 of them are babies, so getting out usually requires major planning, but I'm proud that we pulled off such a spontaneous trip without too much stress.

After spending some time at the falls (and dodging the crazy bees that were landing on everyone) we had a picnic lunch in the forest area, and lone and behold a moose ran right by us! I was freaking out because I have read too many articles about people being killed by moose(s?)- by the way, it happens more often than you think. But it turns out it was just a young little female moose- not old enough to have a baby and not young enough to still be with it's mama, so we were good.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Ellie's two month check-up


Yesterday Ellie had her two month old check up. I have been dreading this day, but yet somewhat looking forward to at the same time for awhile now. Dreading because of the shots and happy because of the immunities (whooping cough/pertussis scares me to death) and since I have a germy 4 year old, who regardless of how many times I tell her to wash her hands still manages to pick up every cold/cough/snffle and stomach bug that goes around and I'm sure Austin being at the University 6 hours a day doesn't help with bringing germs into the home either. But I am so relieved that it's done for now. She was already a little fussy at the appointment because it was in the middle of her late morning nap, but when she got the shots she screamed like she hasn't screamed before. And her newly working tear ducts proved to be factories as hot tears streamed down her cheeks (she had just started crying real tears just days prior to her appointment). It's the most heartbreaking thing to see those real tears, especially when it's a pain cry. If only she understood that we are protecting her and not wanting her to be in pain. I quickly nursed her back to baby bliss and made our way home.

Ellie has finally surpassed Maisie on the growth charts- despite being a 1/2 pound heavier than Maisie at birth, Ellie has proved to be more dainty than her big sister (probably because she actually sleeps more at night, rather than Maisie thinking I was an open all night buffet), until this appointment. Baby girl has been averaging a pound every two weeks (what!?) and continues to impress the doctor with her steady growth and sweet demeanor.

Let's get to the stats... I'm also going to add in her weight and height from her appointment with the lactation consultant when she was 7 weeks old because of her nursing strike.

 7 pounds 8 oz & 19 (?) inches

5 days:
7 pounds 9 oz & 19.5 inches

2 weeks:
7 pounds 14 oz & 20.5 inches

7 weeks:
10 pounds 8oz & 21.7 inches

9 weeks/ 2 month:
11 pounds 6oz & 22.3 inches
62% percentile in weight and 46% percentile in height

Our little Hazelnut is chunking out nicely (please reference above photo for evidence of her glorious cheeks), where she was so long and petite before, she now has rolls (on rolls). I love this yummy squishy stage because it produces some of the best cuddles around.

I am one proud mama.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Girls

First time meeting each other (and first photo of just the two of them).
Ellie is just a few hours old.

12 days old

3 weeks old

one day shy of 7 weeks old

I don't know how they are both so cute, or what I did to deserve the two of them, but what I do know, is just how lucky the world is because it became a whole lot brighter now that they are apart of it.